Women Entrepreneurs Increases in Chitwan

      Chitwan, August 1   The number of women compared to men entrepreneurs increased in Chitwan district in the last fiscal year.    
The finding came to fore after the Office of Cottage and Small Industries, Chitwan shared the update on number of women entrepreneurs registered for the small or cottage industries in 2020/21.    
A total of 1,469 women entrepreneurs were registered compared to 1,152 men entrepreneurs, said Office Chief Yadavnath Acharya.    
Acharya added that the federal government and municipality prioritized enterprises run by women which encouraged more and more women running business, enterprises and firms. Altogether 2,392 new cottage and small industries were registered in the last fiscal year, generating jobs to 7,657 people.    
Account Chief Narayan Lamsal viewed that the government agencies and financial institutions provide additional concessions for women to run enterprises. Subsidized loan and grant assistance have motivated women to open their own small and cottage industries.    
That might have contributed to the upsurge of women entrepreneurs who begin with investment from Rs 500 thousand to Rs 50 million, said Lamsal, adding that small industries below Rs 500,000 capital are registered at local units.    


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